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This week’s poem: Creation


This coming Saturday, we start, once again, at the beginning of the scroll —

and in the beginning, we read how God separates light from darkness, waters above from waters below, oceans from dry land, sun from moon. Evening from morning. Creeping, crawling, swimming creatures from beasts tied to the land. Lots of separating in the beginning. On Day 6, God (really, Gods plural from the Hebrew Elohim) creates the dual-gendered human being, adam, from the dusty earth adamah. “Male and female he created it” and things are off and running: the trees of Life and of Good & Evil, the snake, the expulsion, the winged cherubim with flaming swords guarding the door back to Eden. Painful labor in the field and in the birthing bed. The murder of one brother by another. Multiple falls from grace. All those early begettings.

My poem for this week centers on Genesis, chapter 2, where God creates, the Human Being names, and God accepts the names that the Human/adam picks out, one by one. Such a clever child! The beginning (there’s that word again) of a complicated relationship.

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  1. Jenny Factor permalink
    10/18/2009 12:32 am

    Oh wow, Sue. That’s beautiful!

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