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Poem of the week: Noah


The first line of this week’s Torah portion finds Noah, already 500+ years old, in a hell of a spot: he’s the only human being on Earth God isn’t annoyed with. The first stab at populating the world has already gone to hell in a hand-basket & the Source of all life decides to blot out humankind. Start all over again. For Noah, there’s an ark to build, a floating biology experiment to conduct, a deluge to survive. But what happens on the other end? That’s what I’m curious about. How do any of us find our way to the other side of disaster (of whatever kind)? What do we bring with us? What do we try to forget?

I might also mention that this week we read of the Tower of Babel. Also a good story, rich with metaphor. It was just too much to try and fit into one poem. Alas.

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  1. 01/05/2010 1:34 pm

    My son Noah’s birthday is October 26 and he was so excited to find out his Torah portion for his bar mitzvah this year would be about the Noah. Unfortunately, another family member had already claimed that date, so we had to schedule our Noah’s bar mitzvah for Thanksgiving weekend — with no Noah in sight of his parsha.

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