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Chanukah love


Eleven years ago this week, I wrote this Chanukah love poem to my sweetheart and spouse Bruce. Poetry was very new to me, as was the whole marriage thing. I haven’t thought about this poem in many a moon, but it popped into my brain this morning over granola. I was tempted to tinker with it, edit and revise – but then, that wouldn’t be the truth of who I was as writer and lover then. There’s a naivete about the writing that says: you haven’t yet come up against the full meaning of either marriage or poetry. Both are far more difficult than anticipated, but that’s the truth of what I know now. Time wreaks havoc on our ego and our perspective both. The written word (and its cousin, the picture) makes sure we can hold it all at once with equal measure. Happy Chanukah!

Chanukah Love Poem

I give myself to you wrapped in light,

wicks dancing the length of me

entwined at spine and heart

my eyes, stars to illumine the night

heat from the hidden places

fires that will not go out

in the face of howling wind

blaze that surrounds

but does not scorch

candle by which to read

the secrets of the universe

brightness washing

the remote corners

and beacons to mark your way.

I offer this lamp-light freely

this sunrise and sustaining flame

this firestorm of love.

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  1. Bruce permalink
    12/14/2009 2:23 pm

    Thanks for posting this, love. It brings back sweet memories.

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