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Some years ago – three, maybe four – my father-in-law asked if I would rather be known as a poet or a midrashist (i.e., one who makes midrash/commentary). Which was more important to me? Damned if I know. Some days I lean more strong strongly in one direction or the other, but basically…. both in rapid succession. I’d love to be famous, respected, and known as both.

I bring this up because I’m sorta, kinda, Jewfamous.

Turns out, dear readers, that our little Awkward Offerings community appeared on page 82 of the fall issue of Reform Judaism Magazine. I’m quoted in length waxing poetic on Leviticus and my attraction towards our rather colorful and earthy past as animal sacrificers.

My step-daughter Lonica is the first person to officially call me Jewfamous, a word we think she made up. Love it.

A couple other random thoughts. One — I’m tickled to be included in RJ Magazine. Though I consider myself a non-, post-, and multi-denominational Jew, I do have a soft spot for a movement that believes a Judaism frozen in time is an heirloom, not a living fountain.  Hey, I’m down with that.

Also, as I mentioned in my last post, my friend Sarah was Bat Mitzvahed yesterday. She sang beautifully, drashed meaningfully, and threw a mean party. For me, the most moving moment was when she spoke of a small group of women with whom she studies Torah every week. Therein lies a Jewish future that I want to be part of. Kol haKavod, sister, all honor to you!

Now I await my picture on page 82 of American Poetry Review or some such.

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